The Real Glitter Trail

Ok everyone, here it is... this is what we are proposing... a real live glitter trail all over the world. We will begin by simultaneously spreading a glitter trail in any city any one of us may be in a at any given time( Miami, London, NYC, Tennessee ect.) and we will photograph our glitter interactions with the world and post them. We invite all of you to participate in this wherever you may be in the world. Send us your address, as a comment in this post or in an email , and we will send you small personalized bag of special glitter to spread wherever and however you may want. We encourage creativity, freedom, fun, humor , any way you choose to spread your glitter trail (in nature? or urban landscapes? the world is your oyster) ... even if we don't send you the bags and you have your own glitter , just send us the images of your glitter trail and we will post them. This can be a really amazing world wide project , so please if you read this, help us spread the glitter trail..... Thanks ya'll.... D haim

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  1. I LOVE IT! somehow I missed this post earlier.. lets expand on this... first off, I think Lila P prob already has documentation of her glitter trails.. send us, LP! also here is her glittery blog: http://sparkleglittertown.blogspot.com/