The Glowing is Spreading

A few days ago I received an order in my Etsy store, www.konane.etsy.com, for 2 of my favorite items, reflective hot shorts and reflective suspenders! "If you build it they will come"!!!
Needless to say the buyer, Calgary based artist Keith Murry, is amazing!!! Here is a link he shared with me saying,
"p.s. radiating light is sort of my speciality..." I love him!!! Check out the link below and if you are anything like me you will find comfort in knowing he is out there.


AMAZING inspiring resource!!

The Glitter Trail is primarily for visual/ audiovisual communication about the projects we are working on and dreaming up, what inspires us, and to support and embrace each other as the creative genius goddesses that we are. The "us" here includes not only the three ladies who post on this blog, but our amazingly loving inspiring and creative friends and family, who will be informed of this blog soon : )

This post isn't about any particular project or idea, but i think it addresses an important part of the creative process, or many parts perhaps..

Today I found the most helpful and inspiring resource I have come across on the subject of unleashing your creativity, embracing your potential, facing fears, creating a business, and generally allowing yourself to be awesome. I have to go read the entire blog now, but I had to share it first because I know so many of my friends will really appreciate it.

So... Check it out! Here are links to the blog:
Its called White Hot Truth
and my favorite post so far is
the psychedelics of strategic planning

very inspiring. enjoy. love love love.


Inspiration Boards are Always Good...

I love making inspiration boards for every project I work on , even when there is no project , inspiration is a source of inspiration...

The Beauty of White

Plaster Studies in Negative Space , Forgotten Objects , and Textures

Textured Lace

This is a series of movable flap systems I am currently working on to create an interactive three dimensional lace like surface that surprises you with multicolor facets as well as imagery and perhaps text...



Webcrafting is the wave of the future.. Video chatting and making work = AWESOME... Whilst keeping in touch with your favorite buddies all across the globe, you can keep up craft conversation and dialogue about each others work.. All the kids are doing it.


Dana's awesome video of the interaction of light and lace reminded me of these images we took this summer. I cut the pattern into a piece of soft leather. It is based on a drawing of a geodesic dome. I like translating 3D into 2D and then transforming and reinventing its three dimensional qualities.