Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge

These videos are inspirational, informative and truly beautiful. Let us all be a child again!
I have read Jose Arquelles/Valum Votan and Stephanie South/Red Queens book, Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 3 Book of the Mystery,Time and Art: Art as an Expression of the Absolute, and I highly recommend it to anyone, namely artists and musicians. It provides a way of stepping out and seeing where we belong in this time and what we are and/or should be doing as creative people in the now and future. When we see where we have come from culturaly and with a fresh take on art, artists and the history they create and how it is effecting this planet and its people, we can then better take action with following our intentions, insticts, and innate characteristics and learn how take part in the beast collaborative Earth art project ever that calls us to visualize an intention, become that intention, and to project that intention as a circumpolar rainbow brige around the Earth!!! Count me in!
Check out their positive vision alliances, bookstore, 13 moon calandar, and the syncronicity in the Law of Time and how it equals art.

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