paper cuts

Artists Peter Callessen and Laura Cooperman blow my mind with the pure expression that they show is possible with such a limited palette of materials- usually both use just paper and knife. Very inspiring.

Peter Callesen:

Laura Cooperman:


  1. wow , that couldn't be more inspirational especially with what i am doing now..... so cool, thanks for this post....also i wanted to tell you that i looked up the lake and stars, and i am OBSESSED they are so doing what we want to do.... i contacted them and told them how much i love them and that i want to work with them one day.....i love you...

  2. D-remember the cake we saw long ago I think at PS1 perhaps, Was is Laura Cooperman? I think it was another amazing papercut artist will try to find and share...talking to Ren and D in the past few days I didnt know who posted this, so funny, great minds think alike...

  3. Caltron- the cake was done by Kirsten Hassenfeld, I still think about her all the time and love her so much.... I remember that very fondly , and I remember dreaming about doing a cake project with you , remember that?