Break 'Dem Chains

I Went to the beach yesterday and found these beautiful rusty chains, I thought it would be a great place to leave a trail. The thing about the glitter trail that I noticed while I was doing it , is really that it is something that is most appreciated whilst being there, on sight. It is a very difficult thing to capture with a camera because it is most beautiful when you see it sparkling in the sun, surrounded by other objects and reflecting off of them. I realized that it is really something that is meant to be left behind, and shared with people in a kind of shy and unsuspecting way. This little video kind of somewhat starts to capture the deliciousness of the situation, but really it was so nice to see in person.


Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge

These videos are inspirational, informative and truly beautiful. Let us all be a child again!
I have read Jose Arquelles/Valum Votan and Stephanie South/Red Queens book, Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 3 Book of the Mystery,Time and Art: Art as an Expression of the Absolute, and I highly recommend it to anyone, namely artists and musicians. It provides a way of stepping out and seeing where we belong in this time and what we are and/or should be doing as creative people in the now and future. When we see where we have come from culturaly and with a fresh take on art, artists and the history they create and how it is effecting this planet and its people, we can then better take action with following our intentions, insticts, and innate characteristics and learn how take part in the beast collaborative Earth art project ever that calls us to visualize an intention, become that intention, and to project that intention as a circumpolar rainbow brige around the Earth!!! Count me in!
Check out their positive vision alliances, bookstore, 13 moon calandar, and the syncronicity in the Law of Time and how it equals art.


Glitter Rocks- My House in Miami

The Glitter Trail made its way to the front of my parents house in Miami. Now these rocks shall sparkle and shine in the sun forever. Your Welcome Mom and Dad.


And So Begins The Glitter Trail...

Thanks to my wonderful friend Justin " The Falcon" Foran for these wonderful images of the glitter trail as it sparkles in the Central Park snow. They are friggin awesome and really very lovely pictures of the city....I love the quick response and action, like wild thunder! Thanks so much Foran, for spreading the sparkle trail through NYC..... Let it Spread On !


The Real Glitter Trail

Ok everyone, here it is... this is what we are proposing... a real live glitter trail all over the world. We will begin by simultaneously spreading a glitter trail in any city any one of us may be in a at any given time( Miami, London, NYC, Tennessee ect.) and we will photograph our glitter interactions with the world and post them. We invite all of you to participate in this wherever you may be in the world. Send us your address, as a comment in this post or in an email , and we will send you small personalized bag of special glitter to spread wherever and however you may want. We encourage creativity, freedom, fun, humor , any way you choose to spread your glitter trail (in nature? or urban landscapes? the world is your oyster) ... even if we don't send you the bags and you have your own glitter , just send us the images of your glitter trail and we will post them. This can be a really amazing world wide project , so please if you read this, help us spread the glitter trail..... Thanks ya'll.... D haim


Fotoshop Fun

Sometimes just being free and playing with photoshop for fun can be a great way to open yourself up a bit and not worry so much about what you are working on. I find when I handle photoshop in a non precious way, like I would treat a basic pencil or a pen, some really cool sketches start to happen...

For the love of Doodling


New Yeasayer Video - "Ambling Alp" - Video - Stereogum

New Yeasayer Video - "Ambling Alp" - Video - Stereogum
Love this video, so awesome to see friends continue blossom! The psychedelic goo has become a trend in awesome music videos, no?


Friends with Friends With You.


Spotlight on Z Behl

I first met Z in New Orleans on a visit to the old school turned into cheap or even free studios for local artists where she and a incredible group of friends were working a music video Kids for MGMT with Joanna Newson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otjSmlAeBb4. Z is a crazy kind of fun and I had never seen her drawings until now. Needless to say I am in love. www.Zbehl.com


Graphics Galore

This is the invitation for our January work in progress show at Central Saint Martins. My friend Laerke and I ( Dana) designed this together , and we were quite pleased with the outcome. Whoever will be in London on Jan 12 2009 , please come and see our work... cheers


paper cuts

Artists Peter Callessen and Laura Cooperman blow my mind with the pure expression that they show is possible with such a limited palette of materials- usually both use just paper and knife. Very inspiring.

Peter Callesen:

Laura Cooperman: