The Balls Suit Was Shortlisted!

Very Exciting News!
Two years ago my Danish buddy Learke and I set out to create a suit: A beaded, braided, balls suit. Little did we know what journey this magical suit of balls would take us on. I was informed last week that the video was shortlisted for Youtube/Play a Biennial of creative videos in collaboration with Youtube, Google, and Guggenheim, New York. 23,000 videos were submitted from 91 countries and our video made the top 125. Now a special jury is currently deciding which 20 videos will make it to the Guggenheim in October for a special celebration. Lets hope that balls suit journey continues to New York!





Edible Glitter

V&G Bakery from the Knoxville Farmer's Market


Sneak Preview

"I spend most of my time cutting rocks out of field guides and organizing them by color." -Christy Wilkinson.
Also check out: http://www.christywilkinson.net/

Strech Collection

I came across these chairs and thought they were another great example of "the common wound" (like found) about how often creative friends will be working on projects and ideas without each other in their studios perhaps years or oceans apart and how we are all working and thinking in similar languages and playing fields. I was so happy to see these are by a friend from RISD, Jessica Carnevale, at Carnevale Studios. You can currently see Carnevale Studios at ICFF 2010 in NYC.


Good Times

A little shout out to Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski. I really like what they both are wearing and the set behind them. Made me a bit nostalgic when I found these, boy did I love Saved by the Bell growing up.





Glitter Trail at the 2010 Rainbow Gathering..

The awesome picture of the northern lights tipis (obviously) inspires thoughts of the Rainbow Gathering.. since it will be in the northeast/east this summer (rumors of various eastern states have been floating, most recently I've heard Tennessee!!), it will be convenient for a lot of you! and others should make it convenient. I felt a little twinkle of The Glitter Tribe presence there.. lets make it happen!

Here are some moments from last year's gathering in New Mexico:

The Rainbow Gathering (for me) is a wonderful experiential example of the new earth paradigm we are transitioning into.. Lets make the future part of the now, while incorporating great ideas from the past. It is held in a different national forest each summer, the climax of the gathering is always July 4th, although many people are there for weeks or months before that. The Gathering is open to anyone and everyone, the motto being: Welcome Home. welcomehome.org is the (un)official website of the Gathering. The Gathering feels a lot like a city of tribes and families. There are many camps and kitchens and the entire operation functions through service, loving, giving, and trade (without money).

Welcome Home.

Northern Lights TIPI of LOVE!!!

Thank you GLITTER GODDESS Jaime Currier for this amazing gift!
Friends and followers of The Glitter Trail are always welcome to email us images and suggestions for posts. (sorry it took me a while to get this one posted!)

House of Organic fashion show

Collaborating with this awesome group of talented and conscious designers was truly an amazing and inspiring experience! (my contributions are the necklaces, with the exception of one, which was made by the talented girls at Eko-Lab)

The Green Shows, NYC A/W 2010 from Greta Eagan on Vimeo. Video is from the Greta Guide blog.

Thank you!

artist cao fei: avatars as experiential art

I have been thinking a lot lately about reality creation, and the various expressers (artists, writers, scientists, creators of all kinds) who work with that big idea. Cao Fei's conclusion to her starting question about avatar interaction is that the created reality (in this case the virtual reality of 2nd life) ultimately presents the same problems as our reality does. I am interested in finding realities that ultimately free us from our perceived limitations, thus allowing our reality to expand into places we currently consider 'impossible.'

Please comment and share any links or examples of reality creators you admire.. more from me coming soon!

Please also check out the site for the PBS program Art:21 there is so much great stuff on there, including videos of entire episodes. You can also stream episodes from older seasons on Netflix.

Sparkle On.


J.S. RTW F2010

I will def be making a knock off of the cone bra suspenders in the very near future...




and also From the Priestess of Glitter...

(via andy warhol)

Many of the Factory regulars hung out at the 3rd Street apartment, having “Glitter Festivals”. Stanley Amos, who was sub-leasing the place from Tom O’Horgan, kept a drawer full of glitter and half the people there would drop acid and the other half “would be paranoid on amphetamine, staring at the half that was tripping on LSD,” according to Warhol.

Live your life for beauty.


GT On the Road- Chicago & Madison

Thanks to Luci Daum for these awesome GT pics from with mid-west. You may recognize Chicago's Millenium park, where the security gaurds were not into the glitter like we are. The last photo is from Luci's birthplace of Madison Wisconsin. As always keep spreading the love!


Long Overdue

I made this video last year with one of my closest friends, Laerke Hooge Andersen, an awesome Danish pixie I study with in Central Saint Martins. This project was a part of our Biomimicry project where our textiles had to mimic nature in some behavioral way. We were inspired by bioluminescent sea creatures and mushrooms. We were also looking at the human body as a place to fuse these ideas for a wearable costume/dance piece. We created the costume using recycled tights, rice , beads, and ribbons. Enjoy the beaded, braided, balls suit dance. ( remember to watch at 480p)


Calling All Doodlers!

I have been guest blogging for the month of January on Doodlers Anonymous, a really great hub for spontaneous drawing, illustration, graffiti, graphic design, and oh so much more. I highly suggest checking it out and going through the archives, some really beautiful artists doing beautiful work. Thanks to my dear friend Rony Tako who is the creator and one of four facilitators for this fantastic site. A wonderful source of inspiration.



love story lost

sometimes the best way to rid yourself of negative emotion is to create something beautiful from it.


in the heart of the earth there are crystals

thanks to luren jenison for the link to this amazing video:


"Expect a Miracle"

here is a recipe for a DIY version:

Making Crystal Gardens

Crystal Garden No. 1

* 1 brick
4 tbsp. bluing (available from: Mrs Stewart's Bluing)
4 tbsp. table salt, no iodine
1 tbsp. ammonia
4 tbsp. water food coloring
1 bowl or decorative plate

1. Break brick into chunks and place in bowl.
2. Mix salt, bluing, water, ammonia and pour over brick pieces.
3. Drop food coloring here and there on brick pieces.
4. Let sit at least overnight to several days.
Caution: crystals are very fragile.

Radio Open Source » Blog Archive » Whose Words These Are (20): Rick Benjamin

Radio Open Source » Blog Archive » Whose Words These Are (20): Rick Benjamin
Rick Benjamin was a teacher of our here at the glitter trail back in the glory daze of RISD. Listen to this word glitter!


Project Glitter Trail Update

I have recently mail an express package of glitter to our dear friend John Honey in San Paulo, Brazil. He just told he his plans of using the glitter for a music video in the midst of a dance scene for his friend DJ Gut. We look forward to see Honey spread the Glitter Trail to it's third continent, South America!
I decided it's a good idea to spice things up and introduce John Honey our dear followers with some photos taken by Constance Mensh, styled by myself with John Honey and Mindy as models. These have not been retouched a bit FYI...enjoy a wild ride to the sparkle side! I took the photos with just the bottles as a study of sorts before the photo shoot as inspiration.


Don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got, she's still, she's still Jeni from the block.

Feast your eyeballs on these puppies. Novice glass caster Luren Jenison shares her experiments in cast glass. Such gems! This is Luren's second project I have seen making rock like earth resembling objects from new materials They do remind me of the rubber plastic objects Jesse Greenberg has made as parts of larger installations which make me feel like I am in imaginary futurist-o spaceship land much to my delight. Onward and upward on this magical spacekraft ride! Perhaps, I will feature Jesse and Mega Binx in a later post.