Don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got, she's still, she's still Jeni from the block.

Feast your eyeballs on these puppies. Novice glass caster Luren Jenison shares her experiments in cast glass. Such gems! This is Luren's second project I have seen making rock like earth resembling objects from new materials They do remind me of the rubber plastic objects Jesse Greenberg has made as parts of larger installations which make me feel like I am in imaginary futurist-o spaceship land much to my delight. Onward and upward on this magical spacekraft ride! Perhaps, I will feature Jesse and Mega Binx in a later post.


  1. This stuff is freaking gorgeous! It totally reminds me of this toy that me and my sisters had as kids, it was called The Rock Tumbler , and you could basically make your own minerals and precious stones... remember that , its so early nineties. I used to love that toy , and this really takes me back to that time... good work Jensky , keep it comin! and i would love to see a post on Jesse, love his work too....

  2. and great great entry title... just perfect...

    remember the grow your own crystal gardens???