Glitter Trail at the 2010 Rainbow Gathering..

The awesome picture of the northern lights tipis (obviously) inspires thoughts of the Rainbow Gathering.. since it will be in the northeast/east this summer (rumors of various eastern states have been floating, most recently I've heard Tennessee!!), it will be convenient for a lot of you! and others should make it convenient. I felt a little twinkle of The Glitter Tribe presence there.. lets make it happen!

Here are some moments from last year's gathering in New Mexico:

The Rainbow Gathering (for me) is a wonderful experiential example of the new earth paradigm we are transitioning into.. Lets make the future part of the now, while incorporating great ideas from the past. It is held in a different national forest each summer, the climax of the gathering is always July 4th, although many people are there for weeks or months before that. The Gathering is open to anyone and everyone, the motto being: Welcome Home. welcomehome.org is the (un)official website of the Gathering. The Gathering feels a lot like a city of tribes and families. There are many camps and kitchens and the entire operation functions through service, loving, giving, and trade (without money).

Welcome Home.

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  1. Information on the 2010 Gathering including directions to spring council is available @ http://home.earthlink.net/~scrollinfo/eastcoast.html. Spring Council is happening in Pennsylvania starting June 4.